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Demonstrations and Seminars

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

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Demonstrations and Seminars

We are pleased to offer demonstrations of obedience, tracking, or protection (including our K-9’s) to interested parties.  In the past we have done demos for many schools, groups, and summer camps.  We also offer seminars for kids on how to be safe around dogs, whether the dog is their own dog, a friend’s dog, or a stray encountered on the street.


If you are interested in having a free demo at your facility, please call us at (570) 489-2118 for arrangements.




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Upcoming Events


No events are scheduled at this time.  Please check back periodically for new events.



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Recent Events


Cub Scout Demo, October 2006


The Cub Scouts came to visit us in October and got to see a brand-new K-9 in action!  K-9 “Bosco” and Officer Tim Mackrel are currently involved in a protection/drug detection training program at Milnerhaus and were glad to have an opportunity to show off their progress for the Scouts!


Tim and “Bosco

Trying on some protection gear!


Bosco” takes a moment to

say hello.

The gang poses with Al and

3-month old “Uno.”

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Glen Oaks Country Club, July 2006


What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than hanging out by the pool with some good friends?


Albert and Afra

work on the “sit” command.


Albert demonstrates how to use

a toy when training for obedience.


John and Al use “Biggi” to demonstrate

proper grooming techniques.



Al talks about the importance of

training while John and “Biggi”

take a break!



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Past Events


The Rocky and Sue Show, 98.5 KRZ, February 2006


A brave (?) volunteer took a bite from K-9 “Hammer” live on-air when he visited Rocky and Sue! 


Randy gets suited up with some

protective gear.



Is Randy smiling or cringing?

We know Hammer is smiling…

Remember this scene from “Jaws”?





Randy shows Rocky that

all his fingers are still there.


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Dunmore Y.M.C.A., August 2005


The kids at the Dunmore Y.M.C.A. Summer Day Camp were some of the first to see “Hammer” in action after he was appointed the new Lackawanna County Drug Dog.  Both “Hammer” and “Hexe” braved the heat today to put on a great demo.


“Hammer” is ready to work!



Here he comes, Al!









Hexe” makes some new friends.



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New Seasons Assisted Living Community, June 2005

We were recently invited to New Seasons in Clarks Summit to help judge a dog show and to provide an obedience demonstration.  This summer, we were joined by Officer Jason Hubshman with K-9 “Sarge” of the Dunmore Police Department, and Al’s son, John, handling a dog in a demo for the very first time!

John and “Sammy” get ready to start the demonstration.

Al and “Hammer” work on focused heeling.

John easily keeps “Sammy” in a

down-stay while Al tries to distract her!

Sarge” keeps an eye on Al while Officer Hubshman checks for weapons.

The small breeds get ready to

strut their stuff in the dog show.

Dog show winners included best of breeds in small, medium, and large categories, best trick, and best dressed!


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Johnson College Pet Fair, Oct. 2003


Johnson College (Scranton, PA) invited us to their annual Pet Fair to do an obedience and police K-9 demo.  Officer Bryan Jordan of Carbondale and K-9 “Kuffs” joined Al and Erika for the afternoon.  “Kuffs” was bred and trained at Milnerhaus and is now one of the most successful drug dogs in Lackawanna county.


Officer Bryan Jordan commands Carbondale K-9 “Kuffs”

to initiate a drug search.




             Kuffs” does a hold and bark,                                           Told you not to move…

                  warning Al not to move!


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Summer Youth Camp, July 2002


For the past few summers we’ve been doing obedience and protection demonstrations for the kids at the Veterinary Science Summer Camp.  In addition to showing the students basic training they can do with their own dogs, we also talk about how to be safe around dogs and what kind of jobs dogs can be trained to do.



           Hexe” runs right past the boys for                               K-9 “Sarge”, Dunmore Police

             a nice hold and bark in the blind.                               Department, meets some fans.




            Sarge” calmly holds the sleeve                                  Hexe” and Al give the kids a

                 to show off his full grip.                                                closer look at the grip.



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