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At Milnerhaus, we’ve been breeding German Shepherd Dogs for over 25 years.  Our puppies have gone into homes as the family pet, into competitive situations such as Schutzhund or AKC Obedience, and into service with local Law Enforcement.  The goal is always to breed a healthy, happy, energetic dog that is willing to please his handler.  The stock used is all German bloodlines with an emphasis on the temperament.


dutch comp

The definition of temperament is how the dog reacts to the world around him.  We would discourage breeding any dog that shows fear or unsureness in situations that are non-threatening.  The dogs should display a self-confidence and openness to new situations and should recover quickly when taken by surprise.  A good food drive and playfulness are always encouraged.  Simply put, we are breeding athletic dogs with lots of drive to play and work.


BUZZ 5-4-10 002.jpg“Buzz”  Biggi & Dutch Son


Our admiration for the German Shepherd Dog has led us to Germany many times to find good breeding stock and to keep up on the latest training developments.  Owner Albert Milner has also been a judge for Schutzhund USA for ten years and has traveled throughout the United States judging shows and evaluating dogs.  Our desire to learn more will never cease and the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs will continue to evolve.  If you are interested in what we have to offer, please contact us about upcoming litters.



Here is what some owners of Milnerhaus dogs have to say about their pets:


I think as a breeder you should know how your dogs have affected our lives.   She is my joy, my heart's delight.  We are joined at the soul.”


“Schultz is the most loving dog one could ask for.”


“He is a phenomenal watch dog, always sure to let us know when anything or anybody is within proximity of our home.”


“Holly continues to be an awesome servant.  Willing, respectful (both humans and K-9s), gentle, forthright, courageous...”

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German Shepherds vom Milnerhaus.


 Nikki  10-13-11 Biggi & Dutch Daughter (7).JPG              Biggi side frame

                   “Nikki”- Biggi & Dutch daughter                                                                      Biggi



Milnerhaus Kennels

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Business hours: Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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