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Milnerhaus Kennels offers training programs for dogs of all breeds and ages.  If necessary, a customized program can be created for you and your pet. 

Please click on the links below for information on all our current classes.



*      Basic Obedience

*      Beyond the Basics

*      In-Board Training

*      Obedience Trainer Course

*      Police K-9/ Schutzhund/Protection


Basic Obedience

The commands sit, down, stay, come, and walking on the leash are taught with the emphasis on handling the dog.  The goals of this class are to teach the dog to respect the handler, to create a happy dog/handler team, and to structure playtime to benefit your training.


Group Class - 6 One-hour sessions - $150

Private lesson - $60

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In-Board Training

This training option has our experienced staff working with your dog in a 4-week program.  The dog stays with us Monday thru Friday and goes home on the weekend.  We do the actual training and you reinforce it on the weekends.  After the completion of the 4 weeks, we offer 2 follow up sessions to make sure everything is progressing well.  This is one of our more popular programs for dogs 4 months of age and older.  For more information, please visit our In-Board Training page.


4 Week course - $1000

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 Beyond the Basics

A new obedience class where YOU choose the content!  From competitive obedience to “roll over” to scent training, the choice is yours.  Ask one of our trainers about your options for this class.  Completion of a Basic Obedience Class or In-Board training is a prerequisite for this class.


Semi-private lessons

$60 per person or bring a friend

for the same price.

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Police K-9/Schutzhund/Protection

We offer training for handlers interested in Personal Protection or Schutzhund sport in all three phases of tracking, obedience, and protection.


Milnerhaus has also provided and trained dogs for use in several of our area’s K-9 units.  Our methods concentrate on control of the K-9, with special emphasis on handling techniques.


Please call for programs and prices or to inquire about purchasing a puppy or trained dog.  A general personal protection training program, which runs for 6-10 months, depending on availability of the handler, averages $3,500.  (This cost is based on the handler supplying their own dog.)




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Obedience Trainer Course

We offer to interested people the opportunity to learn the art of dog training from our staff with over 25 years experience.  For more information, please contact us at (570) 489-2118.

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Milnerhaus Kennels

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